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        Question: Will you be publishing another collectors guide to old telephones?
                         I've called your company in the past and inquired about a collectors
                         book and was told by a secretary that you had been working on one, but
                         no publish date had been set. I'M STILL VERY MUCH INTERESTED!
           Answer: Yes Ron is slow. We also ran out of the Pay Phone History last fall and he
                         concentarted on that this winter and he hasn't sent that to be printed yet.
                         Maybe by fall. Then next winter he will get back on the history book. Well I
                         should say his is working on it too now and then. Keep asking we will be doing
                         it. We are keeping a list of those who are interested.
        Question: I was wondering where I could get information about old phone booths,
                         could you send any information that you might have to me?
           Answer: We really don't have an info on booths, except what will be in our new Pay
                         Phone History Book which is being completed. Maybe will be available in August.
                         If you are looking for a booth i have a few that I can refer you to.
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