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General Questions and Answers: - (11)
Main Products Questions and Answers: - (3)
    Question: Do you have the ericafone style in touchtone.........Do you buy
                         telephones as well?
       Answer: Yes we purcahse phones or trade towards your purchase. We have TT Erico phones
                         mint gree, aqua, red, pink $195.00 + s/h $10.00
    Question: I have a Western Electric Oak wall phone. I want it to be a working
                         telephone. Do you have kits with instructions on how to rewire it to
                         make it work?
       Answer: Yes!!! We have diagrams for any phone. We need to know what network to what
                         dial or the specific name of the phone. If you don't know please let us help
                         you identify your phone.
    Question: I have an Ericofon,US made, like my folks
                         had. They had a chirp/light in it. How
                         can I make mine work like that?
       Answer: The older Ericssons did that but I don't think the ones made in the by North
                         did, but I'm not positive. So yours may not. If yours did ring, maybe the
                         tweeter pot needs replaced. Send it to us to evaluate.
    Payphones - (6)
    Coin Operated Customer Owned Telephones - None
    Payphone Parts - (2)
    Wooden Wall Phones - (2)
    Wooden Wall Phone Parts - (2)
    Wooden Wall Phone Parts (continued) - (2)
    Candlestick Phones - (6)
    Candlestick Phone Parts - (4)
    Country Junction Phones - (1)
    More Country Junction Phones - None
    Bakelite & Steel Phones of the 30s to the 50s - (3)
    More Bakelite & Steel Phones - None
    Art Decorator Phones of the 20s - (4)
    Phones from the 50s to the 70s - (1)
    Decorator Phones - (3)
    Old Style Reproduction Phones Created in the 70s & 80s - (1)
    Novelty Phones - (1)
    Novelty Phones (continued) - (1)
    Eiffel Tower Phone - None
    Ringer Boxes, Bells & Buzzers - (1)
    ScissorGates & Brackets - None
    Jukeboxes - None
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