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    Payphones - (6)
    Coin Operated Customer Owned Telephones - None
    Payphone Parts - (2)
    Wooden Wall Phones - (2)
    Wooden Wall Phone Parts - (2)
    Wooden Wall Phone Parts (continued) - (2)
        Question: Recently acquired a we model 317r oak cathedral wall phone,my first
                         thought was to replace the few parts it needs to make it look
                         Now I was wondering if they can be made to work on todays phone
                         system? Or at least make the bells ring when the phone rings? Bells
                         work when cranked
                         no paperwork or diagrams inside. I know very little about old
                         phones,bought it to sell on ebay,but kinda looks good on the wall
                         think I'll keep it. I couldn't find anyone here in upstate NY that
                         knew about phones any info would be appreciated.
           Answer: Yes you can make these work on todays lines. You may have to upgrade the old
                         transmitter and reciever elements to modern elements to get good clarity.
                         We can wire these to work on todays lines either as an extension($100) or with
                         TT or rotary($125). If the case needs refinishing or parts polished or painted,
                         we can do that too. For an extra charge of course. If you would send the phone
                         to us, we will be glad to make a quote for the repairs.
        Question: Need mouth piece only. Tried threads on the Western Electric I have
                         and they are to small. Can you help?
           Answer: Kellogg size is the next step larger 15/16" dia.
                         Stromberger Carlson is 1" dia.
                         W.E. is 7/8"
    Candlestick Phones - (6)
    Candlestick Phone Parts - (4)
    Country Junction Phones - (1)
    More Country Junction Phones - None
    Bakelite & Steel Phones of the 30s to the 50s - (3)
    More Bakelite & Steel Phones - None
    Art Decorator Phones of the 20s - (4)
    Phones from the 50s to the 70s - (1)
    Decorator Phones - (3)
    Old Style Reproduction Phones Created in the 70s & 80s - (1)
    Novelty Phones - (1)
    Novelty Phones (continued) - (1)
    Eiffel Tower Phone - None
    Ringer Boxes, Bells & Buzzers - (1)
    ScissorGates & Brackets - None
    Jukeboxes - None
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