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General Questions and Answers: - (11)
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    Payphones - (6)
    Coin Operated Customer Owned Telephones - None
    Payphone Parts - (2)
    Wooden Wall Phones - (2)
    Wooden Wall Phone Parts - (2)
    Wooden Wall Phone Parts (continued) - (2)
    Candlestick Phones - (6)
    Candlestick Phone Parts - (4)
        Question: Hi Ron or Mary (or whoever reads this),
                          I requested a catalog, but what I am simply looking for and don't
                         know your nomenclature are 5 of the networks that fit inside a WE
                         candlestick and have a chirp-type of ringer, and 5 transmitters to
                         install in the WE candlestick trans cups. I bought some from you at
                         the Indy show a couple years ago.
                         If you can let me know the cost with an email, I will send payment
                         immediately. Thanks!!!
           Answer: Candlestick networks are currently $28.00 ea, So you mean transmitter
                         faceplates? T220 $12.50 or the T1 elements which are $4.00 ea.
                         Less 25%
        Question: Candlestick Phone Parts:
                         I need two complete dials - Orignal
                         Like to know the price and other charges
           Answer: Old AE dials$30.00 ea. and old WE dials $32.00 for #5.
                         + shipping.
        Question: Do you have the reproduction or original 5 cent courtesy coin boxes
                         that attatch to the stem of the candle stick phones? Do you know
                         where I could get a repro? Thanks
           Answer: No We do not have.
                         And I do not know where to get any. They pop up now and then at the telephone
                         collectors shows.
        Question: Looking for replacement parts for Stromberg Carlson candlestick phone.
                         Mouthpiece & faceplate.
           Answer: Old face plate $75.00
                         Old mpc. $20.00, or repro T350 $5.00
                         + S/H about $7.00
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    Decorator Phones - (3)
    Old Style Reproduction Phones Created in the 70s & 80s - (1)
    Novelty Phones - (1)
    Novelty Phones (continued) - (1)
    Eiffel Tower Phone - None
    Ringer Boxes, Bells & Buzzers - (1)
    ScissorGates & Brackets - None
    Jukeboxes - None
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