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General Questions and Answers: - (11)
Main Products Questions and Answers: - (43)
Miscellaneous Products Questions and Answers: - (1)
    Phone Related Items - (1)
    History Books - (2)
    Jacks & Accessories - None
    Accessories (continued) - (7)
    Posters, Afghans, Charts, Postcards, Lithographs & Miscellaneous - None
    Nameplates & Water Decals - None
    Signs & Stickers - (2)
        Question: I wanted to know if you have any signs or decals for phone booths and
                         payphones? If so are these listed on the internet where I can see
           Answer: I am not sure if they listed on the net, but they are in our catalog. Send name
                         and address for a copy.
        Question: do you have any original telephone signs? public telephone bell system
                         blue and white. if so how much are they?
           Answer: I have lots. Send name and address for a photo copyof what we have.They will run
                         from $45.00-150.00
    Paper Weights & Neckties - None
    Networks, Bells & Dial Centers - None
    Cloth Handset Cords and Line Set Cords - (6)
    Magnetos and Old Parts - None
    Multiline, Small Switchboard, Intercoms & Outdoor Phones - None
    Test Sets - None
    Surplus Items - None
    More Novelty Phones - None
    Old Novelty Phones - None
    Telegraph Equipment - None
    Headset Telephones - None
    Answering Machines & Cordless Phones - None
    Key Telephone Units - None
    Outdoor Phone Boxes and Booths - None
    Novelty Phones - Porcelain & Neon - None
    2-Way Radios & Special Needs - None
    Vehicles - None
    Porcelain Signs - None