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        Question: Hi, I have a Western electric 102 phone
                         with the E1 handset. What else do I
                         need to make the phone work with
                         modern phone jacks? I hooked up
                         tip/ring green/red and tip/ring black/
                         yellow but I can;t get dial tone.
                         any info would help.
           Answer: If your phone has yellow and black wires also on the line cord you may need to
                         place these on the red and green terminals as well. Try Yellow with the green
                         and the black with the red and visa versa. Otherwise it is not wired correctly
                         or the dial is not functioning or the switch is not connecting. Could even be
                         the receiver doesn't work so you can't hear the dial tone even if there was one.
                          Could be alot of things. If all else fails, we can do it.
        Question: I bought an old desk phone similar to the one pictured at the link
                         I think it is from the thirties or forties.
                         I want to adapt it to a modular plug-in working
                         phone. It has no plug at all, just a
                         line out. The line out has three
                         wires inside: one white, one red,
                         one green.
                         Do you sell something that I could use
                         to make this adaptation, or do you have
                         any other advice?
           Answer: Just a mod plug like #212. put the red wire on the R and the green wire on G
                         You may need to put the yellow with the red or the green to get it to ring.
        Question: Do you have 12 and 13 hole face plates for American made 2500 series
           Answer: Yes 12 holes faceplates for 2500 sets $5.00 + $3.00 postage Color?
        Question: Hello! I'm about to place a small order and need help selecting which
                         retractable handset cord (product number 806, 812, or 825) to order.
                         I need a yellow one, but need to know how you have measured the
                         length. Are the 6', 12', and 25' lengths measured with the cord
                         coiled & retracted, or with the cord fully stretched out? Do you have
                         yellow cords in stock at the moment? Many thanks in advance!
           Answer: Coiled are measured stretch out. Therefore the 6'coiled cord is stretches out
                         to 6' and so on.
                         We have yellow in stock, but tell us when you order what phone is for.
                         Different makers had different shades of color.
        Question: do you sell products or can you offer advice on how to polish plastic
                         and bakelite phones?
           Answer: I hear the Novus products are good, however we have not tried them. We have a
                         process where we sand out the scratches and use various buffing roughes and a
                         buffing machine to bring back the luster. We charge about $25.00 to do this. We
                         also do painting if you have a metal phone that needs painting.
        Question: Howdy. I need a transmitter for a sculptura a L2A. Got one?
           Answer: It takes a T1 transmitter element.$4.00
                         Postage about $3.00
        Question: I have a 1977 GTE without keys. The top lock has a 29-S stamped on the
                         back and the cash lock has a #333785 on the top. Do you have keys or
                         locks? If so what would be the cost. Thanks.
           Answer: We have 29S keys Order y29s AE $5.00
                         For the cash lock you will need to purchase a lock with key. Order X10L AE 10L
                         $22.00 S/H about $5.00
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