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    Payphones - (6)
        Question: I recently bought a oak quarter sawed phone booth in excellect shape.
                         I think in was in a local pharmancy here in Cheyenne, WY. I have
                         located a date on the inside that's says 1956. What kind of phone
                         would you recommend I purchase to make it as near as originial as
                         Do you need info on the "plate" in the booth, -ie- size number of
                         I want to also make it usable. It dooes have a light and a fan.
           Answer: Order PAY1K, or PAY7 PAY4
        Question: When converting a pay phone such as the pay5 do you replace the dial
                         with a touchtone key pad or is the orginal rotery dial kept as
                         orignal? Will a rotery phone work if I have touchtone service?
           Answer: Yes rotary phones will work on TT system of today.
                         When changing PAY5 to TT it would then look like PAY TT. On the AE type pay
                         phones, we can add a round TT plate and a square button dial.
        Question: I just got a chrome Automatic pay telephone & i whould like to get the
                         keys that open it. What do i need to do to hook it up on my home phone
                         line.Any help whould be great.
           Answer: The top keyfor AE are all alike 29S $10.00 Bottom (door) keys are keyed for that
                         particular lock, so complete lock and key have to be replaced 10L lock and key
                         $45.00 + s/h
        Question: I am looking for a vault cover and key for a Western Electric Pay
                         Phone,as well as a lock and key assembly for the upper housing. This
                         Phone is of the 30S to 40s vintage and has a bakealite mushroom
                         handset. Coin drop takes 5,10,25 coins. I belive that Both WE and GTE
                         Type set upto the late Sixties will fit this set. Looking for any help
                         you can provide
           Answer: Vault door or coin door with lock and key for WE order X2246$39.00 chrome or
                         Usually AE and WE doors will fit each other. AE doorw/10L lock and key order
                         X1OLD $48
                         s/h about $8.00
        Question: Do you have any older working black pay phones that actually work off
                         of accepting coins, i/.e. one I could retrieve coins with a key from a
                         home phone line?
           Answer: You can use any of our pay phones as a bank and retrieve the coins from the door
                         portion. The only pay phone that we have that actually requires coins is the
                         COTBK. These phones were controlled by the operator in the days of their use,
                         which we no longer have today. It is best to call and talk to a real person on
                         this matter.
        Question: Is this phone for sale or what? The display at the web site provides
                         little information - with the phrase, "This is all the information we
                         have for now".. when was "now"?
           Answer: Yes, all phones on the web site are for sale. The phrase "This is
                         all the information we have for now" simply means that we have not added any
                         additional information to the basic description of the item. Some phones will
                         have more information such as a short history or answers to common question
                         about the phone. "Now" was when you clicked on the item.
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